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Lenovo C50 All-in-One

5th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors

Premium performance, powerful possibilities. With stunning visuals and performance, the new 5th gen Intel® Core™ processor delivers processing power that takes your computing to the next level so that you can work smarter and play harder. That's serious processing. Only with Intel Inside®.

Space-Saving All-in-One Design

This 23" all-in-one takes surprisingly little space on your desk, counter, or entertainment center. The unit features clutter-free cable management and comes in 2 colors with a slim metal V-stand.

Optional 10-Point Multitouch Display

Interact with your C50 by using simple, intuitive gestures directly on the 23" HD 10-point multitouch display—optimized for Windows 8. Its advanced multitouch technology provides a superior touch experience and faster response times.

Optional Discrete Graphics

Discrete graphics support, an integrated DVD reader/writer, stereo speakers with Dolby® Advanced Audio™, and optional HDMI-in offer crisp visuals and immersive sound for a fuller, more satisfying home entertainment experience.

AccuType Wireless Keyboard

Featuring a modern look and feel, the acclaimed AccuType keyboard has island-style, ergonomic keys that allow a more fluid, spacious, comfortable, and accurate typing experience than standard keyboard designs.

Lenovo Assistant

Enjoy trouble-free file clean-up and network connection management with this simple-to-use interface.

Lenovo Rescue System

Quickly and easily backup and recover system files, applications, drivers, and user files.

Ample Storage and Memory

With up to 2TB HDD storage, you won't have to worry about where to put all your data, videos, music, or photos. In addition, with up to 8GB of memory, the C50 is great for multitasking.

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed

Up to 10 times faster than previous USB technologies, the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed enables you to move data quickly between your PC and other devices.

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